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  • The Importance of Vitamin D

    The Importance of Vitamin D

    In my sunscreen post, I talked about sunscreens causing a deficiency in Vitamin D that can lead to diseases.  So I wanted to talk about how important vitamin D is to us. If you haven’t heard already, Vitamin D is actually a hormone because it has binding proteins that carries it to target organ which […]

  • DIY deodorants, should you or shouldn’t you?

    DIY deodorants, should you or shouldn’t you?

    My opinion is you should! Why? Because it is so easy and there are many harmful ingredients in the commercial brands.  Some of the natural ones also have questionable ingredients and don’t always work. It has been years since I used commercial deodorants. Mainly because of the aluminum, pthalates and parabens in them. But there […]

  • The Benefits of Probiotics

    The Benefits of Probiotics

    Probiotics…what are they and what do they do for me? Probiotics are beneficial bacteria.  The word probiotic means “for life” and they are an essential part of bodily functions.  We have some microbiota (bacteria) that are unique to each one of us; these are the bacteria that stay in our bodies for a long time.  […]

  • The Importance of water

    The Importance of water

    Most people do not drink enough water but believe that they are. Somewhere along the line we have lost our roots. We  have forgotten that we are born from water and need to replenish our supply every day. Water is one of the most important nutrients in our body, and, so often forgotten.  Our body […]

  • Everyday Detox tips

    Everyday Detox tips

    In my last post I talked about dietary steps to detoxing, but you can take steps to enhance your detoxification pathways EVERY day!  This is great news if you are not ready to take on a detox diet. Remember, your detoxification organs are the skin, kidneys, liver, colon, lungs, lymph and blood.  So we want […]

  • Are you ready for a detox?

    Are you ready for a detox?

     Are you ready for a detox? Spring is a time of renewal and the perfect time to detoxify your body. Why?  Because we live in a toxic world and are exposed to so many chemicals via our food, water, medications, pesticides etc. Who needs to detox?  Pretty much everyone, because our world is so toxic.  […]

  • Radish and spring onion salad

    Radish and spring onion salad

    Radish and spring onion salad, what can be better? I didn’t know that this salad may be so delicious until I tried it myself. After long and cold winter different salads with lots of vitamins are exactly what we all need. Raw winter daikon radish contains isothiocyanate anti-oxidant compound called sulforaphane. Studies suggest that sulforaphane has proven role against prostate, breast, […]

  • Seaweed and napa cabbage salad with mustard sauce

    Seaweed and napa cabbage salad with mustard sauce

    Seaweed and napa cabbage, what can be more nutritious for you?! Surprisingly it is very delicious as well. The salad with seaweed is very rich in a number of vitamins and necessary minerals. Seaweed is loaded with beneficial nutrients, is low in saturated fats and is low in cholesterol. It contains vitamins A, C, E […]

  • Top 5 recipes of the week 15:

    Top 5 recipes of the week 15:

      Shepherd’s Pie and a Gluten Free Blog Hop from  Katherine Martinelli This time of year the weather can be fickle. Even in Israel, where it tends to be significantly warmer than my native New York, we still have the occasional cool evening and even the days aren’t nearly as hot as they will be. […]