Christmas and New Years Eve are approaching very fast, most Christmas shopping is done, but some of us are still looking for that special idea or present for your friend or a family member. For my last minute holiday ideas guide I decided to interview the online store owner of  Dedicated 2 Details Inc. Margot Meltzer. The items in her store are truly unusual, some extravagant, some very delicious and some just SWEET!  I am sure you will find lots of great last minute ideas in her store.

               Why did you start this online store?
Dedicated 2 Details is a dream come true for a few best girlfriends from New Jersey.  In addition to our never ending devotion to family and friends, we share a great love for entertaining, decorating and SHOPPING!  We would love to search for and find those small little boutiques where you would be sure to see things that could not be found in the local mall.  Our goal was to create an online store where people could easily find the PERFECT  gift for anyone on their gift giving list … all in one place.  Somewhere they could return to time and time again when in need of a gift that would surely bring a smile to someone’s face!  We believe that selecting the right gift does not have to be a chore but it should be a reflection of the feelings that you have for the person you are buying for… we want to help our customers find that unique and seldom seen gift for everyone special in their life.  We have spent countless hours selecting the many unique and wonderful gifts you see on our website… we are confident that you will find things that you have never seen before.  From unique hand painted wine and martini glasses and personalized pottery to beautiful sterling silver jewelry and personalized drum sticks and guitar picks.  We have always shared the philosophy that no matter how small or large a gift or gathering might be, it’s ultimate success is found in the details and we are TOTALLY Dedicated 2 Details!!
thumbnailTell our readers the story of your Gluten Free  Chocolate Pizza?
Although it has gotten much easier and the selection has gotten much greater, we have been on the search for several years to find treats that are not only gluten free BUT also delicious.  Motivated by several friends and family members challenged by an intolerance of gluten and/or other allergies, we are determined to find some fun, yummy and unique snacks that can be enjoyed without worries!  We are confident that our Gluten Free Chocolate Pizza can be safely enjoyed by everyone who faces this dietary challenge.
popcornWhat is your favorite chocolate treat in this store?
My business partner and I share the many responsibilities involved in running our business… and there are many!  Some are more pleasant than others.  One of my more favorite responsibilities is to taste all of the Chocolate Treats that we offer because she does NOT LIKE CHOCOLATE!  I know it is a tough job BUT someone had to do it and that someone is ME!  So needless to say I have several favorites, but I have to say that one of my top choices is our CHOCOLATE CARAMEL POPCORN.  Oh my gosh it is crunchy popcorn coated in delicious caramel and then generously drizzled with yummy, creamy chocolate… DELICIOUS!
     What one item from you store would you give to your friend who loves cooking?
I think that if you LOVE to cook then you probably LOVE to eat and most likely you would then probably LOVE to drink wine!  I think that all of my girlfriends that like wine would in turn LOVE our selection of  hand painted wine glasses.  There is a glass perfect for just about everybody and they are really fun to collect and display… Hippie Chick, Bride, Nurse, Wine Diva and Happy Birthday… just to name a few!  These glasses are so much fun and will be the hit of any party as they make great conversation starters as well as serve to help your guests easily identify their glass for the evening by picking the one that best suits their personality.  CHEERS!



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