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  • Top 5 recipes from my friends week 3

    Top 5 recipes from my friends week 3

    I am reading blogs of my friends with a great attention. Some day I spend more time reading, some day less, but I definitely wanna know who  cooks what. What new foods my friends have explored, what old and good recipes were reinvented. I think these recipes are great for your weekend family gatherings. I love Mia’s easy salad […]

  • Aspic or meat jelly – famous Slavic Dish!

    Aspic or meat jelly – famous Slavic Dish!

    This dish is very popular in Slavic countries. I have never seen it being cooked in the US, but I know that in European countries is’s still quite popular. Historically, meat jellies were made before fruit and vegetable jellies. By the Middle Ages at the latest, cooks had discovered that a thickened meat broth could be made into a […]

  • A day without Wikipedia Food facts

    A day without Wikipedia Food facts

    As yesterday was a day when a number of websites such as Reddit, Wikipedia, Google and others went dark to protest SOPA and PIPA bills. I am not gonna go into the details of what these bills are trying to achieve I would rather share with you yesterday’s Twitter movement called #factswithoutwikipedia. WE all know […]

  • Roll with poppy seeds and strawberries

    Roll with poppy seeds and strawberries

    This roll will become your Sunday tradition when you try it. It’s so moist and sweet, flavorful , yet simple to cook. I read that preparation of this roll is very widespread in Eastern Europe . I cannot confirm that , but I tasted it maybe couple times at my Grandma’s when I was a […]

  • Strawberry pierogies or dumplings

    Strawberry pierogies or dumplings

    Pierogies with strawberries are flavorful and delicious; you just can’t go past them. It takes some time and patience to prepare them: make the dough, knead, roll out the dough and cut out and create the pierogies itself. But when you have done all this work you have a ready in 10 minutes dinner or […]

  • Most popular recipes of Helen’s Cooking Facebook friends

    Most popular recipes of Helen’s Cooking Facebook friends

    Last year I posted on my Facebook page the question to my friends about their most popular posts in 2011. I am always curious to see more great recipes and to try more new dishes, so I was studying carefully what my friends were cooking last year and what was popular with their readers:-) Sumptious Spoonfuls Blog cooked amazing Chocolate Peppermint […]

  • Do you take enough calcium ?

    Do you take enough calcium ?

    .I decided to write this post because I knew for long time that I need to take more calcium daily. Basically I just neglected this fact. I hate calcium supplements and especially chewies, can’t take even one a day, I feel like the dentist starts drilling my teeth when I chew them, yeah it’s that […]

  • Simple country salad

    Simple country salad

    This salad is cooked in Ukrainian country very often. It is cheap, delicious and easy to cook. Great for an everyday meal. This salad is also cooked for Christmas eve,because according to Christian orthodox tradition, the table has to consist of 12 vegetarian dishes.  This dish was one of 12 for my Christmas Eve, of […]

  • Slavic Vinaigrette Salad.

    Slavic Vinaigrette Salad.

    This is a traditional salad for Ukrainian family gathering or for Sunday dinner. It’s good because it is light, contains ingredients that are good for the health and may be seasoned with sunflower oil or with mayo (which is less common, but very delicious too.) For the recipe you will need: 2 boiled potatoes cut […]

  • Seafood salad “Starfish”!

    Seafood salad “Starfish”!

    This dish will be the star of your table for any and every holiday. It’s fast and very simple to cook, it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients and it’s pretty and refreshing. For the salad you will need: 1/3 cup of fresh lemon juice 1 cup of crab meat (seafood mix) 1 potato 7-8 oz […]

  • Helen’s Cooking has now Visitors Recipes.

    Helen’s Cooking has now Visitors Recipes.

    Helen’s Cooking Blog about healthy and easy cooking now gives you an opportunity to post you recipes or blog posts about cooking on the website. Posting is easy just enter your text, give it a name and select a category you want to post your recipe or blog entry in. Don’t forget to add the […]