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  • Top 5 recipes of the week 15:

    Top 5 recipes of the week 15:

      Shepherd’s Pie and a Gluten Free Blog Hop from  Katherine Martinelli This time of year the weather can be fickle. Even in Israel, where it tends to be significantly warmer than my native New York, we still have the occasional cool evening and even the days aren’t nearly as hot as they will be. […]

  • Roasted eggplant slices with mayo-herb sauce

    Roasted eggplant slices with mayo-herb sauce

    Love eggplants, they make the best appetizer for any occasion. As the Thanksgiving approaches this recipe is definitely a keeper for a quiet family dinner or a noisy party. Eggplants are the best source of… Serves 5 people Cooking time: 15 minutes Preparation time 10 minutes Total time: 25 minutes For the recipe you will […]

  • Zucchini patties

    Zucchini patties

    Zucchini patties are cooked by my grandmother every time I visit her at a village house during the summer. I love them for the lightness and at the same time for their rich flavorful texture. These zucchini patties may be even great in vegetarian sandwiches. For the recipe you don’t need a lot of time […]

  • Simple cabbage salad

    Simple cabbage salad

    I used to get this salad in the kindergarten as a kid. It’s simple , yet nutritious. It’s considered that raw cabbage helps fight cancer cells, therefore you should eat it more often. Preparation Time: 5 minutes. Serves 2 pesprinkle the salad. ople. White cabbage shredded- 2 cups Carrot shredded – 1/3 cup Onion choppped- […]

  • Ukrainian borscht vegan style

    Ukrainian borscht vegan style

    Ukrainian borscht is normally cooked with meat )pork or beef) and is eaten with sour cream of course. I think that sometimes it comes out way too rich and fatty. I love to lighten the food and avoid cholesterol and its derivatives by all means. Vegan borscht is a great analogue of Ukrainian vegan borscht […]

  • Chicken and corn salad

    Chicken and corn salad

    I love this salad for it’s simplicity and richness. Only 4 main ingredients, what can be better? It’s very dressy as well. You can serve it for the Easter holiday table feast or just cook it for a quiet family dinner. Four main ingredients are: Chicken breast- 2 (boiled) Hard boiled eggs- 3 Canned corn […]

  • Light cauliflower soup with chicken

    Light cauliflower soup with chicken

    This soup is light  and is a great comfort food. I like to have this warm soup for dinner after a very busy day.The best thing is that you can prepare all the necessary veggies when you have time (or buy the ready mix) and just enjoy the soup in 20-40 minutes. You can also prepare the […]

  • Simple country salad

    Simple country salad

    This salad is cooked in Ukrainian country very often. It is cheap, delicious and easy to cook. Great for an everyday meal. This salad is also cooked for Christmas eve,because according to Christian orthodox tradition, the table has to consist of 12 vegetarian dishes.  This dish was one of 12 for my Christmas Eve, of […]

  • Eggs and bacon breakfast

    Eggs and bacon breakfast

    There’s really no tricks about cooking this… eggs and bacon or eggs and sausage are awesome for Sunday breakfast/ brunch, to add a twist to this dish add some herbs: basil, lemon basil or parsley and dill. Anyways it can’t be spoiled:-) Enjoy! Have a Happy Sunday!  

  • Pickled eggplants with carrots, garlic and herbs

    Pickled eggplants with carrots, garlic and herbs

    This recipe is cooked by my Grandma for decades. It’s delicious, astonishingly simple and mainly reveals new flavors of eggplant. I couldn’t master this recipe for quite some time. (Well, at first I don’t use as much salt in my recipes as the other cooks do. Salt is important part of this recipe. Second, you […]