Cake, main dish

Pumpkin Cheesecake easy

This cheesecake is the easiest you will ever cook, well, maybe except for no bake cheesecake:-) Ingredients: 1 pack of cream cheese 2 eggs1 tablespoon of mayo2 tablespoons of water1 cup of flour 2/3 cups of sugar 1/3 teaspoon of […]

main dish

Vegan tender asparagus in orange sauce

Scrumptious recipe, simple as that. Asparagus is considered to be a luxurious plant as it not harvested for at least three years after being planted. Plus asparagus needs a lot of space to grow.Main nutritional benefits of asparagus is that […]


Blueberry-Cottage Cheese Pancakes

I love pancakes or biscuits with cottage cheese., they have different texture and amazing taste, and… I convince myself that I get more calcium by cooking pancakes with cottage cheese. So, when I decided add to my pancakes with cottage […]