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Ukrainian borscht vegan style

Ukrainian borscht is normally cooked with meat )pork or beef) and is eaten with sour cream of course. I think that sometimes it comes out way too rich and fatty. I love to lighten the food and avoid cholesterol and […]

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Simple country salad

This salad is cooked in Ukrainian country very often. It is cheap, delicious and easy to cook. Great for an everyday meal. This salad is also cooked for Christmas eve,because according to Christian orthodox tradition, the table has to consist […]

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Top 3 Fall Soups

 These three soups are the best comfort meal for the lunch in fall: it enegrizes, keeps you warm and boosts your taste buds. You can add lots of flavors to these soups by experimenting with herbs: basil, dill, parsley and others. […]

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Vegetarian Pea Soup

Vegetarian pea soup is good those days when you want a rich-creamy soup without any meat component in it. It’s a comfort food perfect right for the days when it’s chilly and drizzly outside. This recipe has simple ingredients and […]