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  • Aspic or meat jelly – famous Slavic Dish!

    Aspic or meat jelly – famous Slavic Dish!

    This dish is very popular in Slavic countries. I have never seen it being cooked in the US, but I know that in European countries is’s still quite popular. Historically, meat jellies were made before fruit and vegetable jellies. By the Middle Ages at the latest, cooks had discovered that a thickened meat broth could be made into a […]

  • Strawberry pierogies or dumplings

    Strawberry pierogies or dumplings

    Pierogies with strawberries are flavorful and delicious; you just can’t go past them. It takes some time and patience to prepare them: make the dough, knead, roll out the dough and cut out and create the pierogies itself. But when you have done all this work you have a ready in 10 minutes dinner or […]

  • Vegan spicy red cabbage

    Vegan spicy red cabbage

    I hope you love the colors of this dish: it’s so autumn and bright! My family members call this dish “weird braised cabbage”:-) To me the red cabbage tastes absolutely different, than the ordinary green one. It’s more flavorful, tender…. mmm, it’s more autumn!   For this recipe you will need: 1 lb of red cabbage […]

  • Top 3 Tortilla Recipes: 10 minute healthy recipes.

    Top 3 Tortilla Recipes: 10 minute healthy recipes.

    Tortilla is a unique ingredient: every dish you incorporate it in is simple, easy to cook , yet very delicious. These 3 recipes are my favorites when I am on the run and the family needs to have a snack. Fried tortillas with beef It’s good to take with you if you decide to go […]

  • Beef Cutlets Easy

    Beef Cutlets Easy

    This recipe is very popular in European countries: in Austria it’s called schnitzel,  in the US it’s called a cutlet. We cook cutlets with beef and pork, even with fish and chicken. The main thing the fillet/ or loin has to be thin. It’s a great dish for a weekday dinner, 5-10 minutes to cook […]

  • Puff pastry dough made easy!

    Puff pastry dough made easy!

    I love puff pastry, do you? You can create literally hundreds of recipes with it and it’s ready in 15 minutes: Apple strudel, croissants, puff pastry baskets and puff pastry fish pie and much more. The recipe of this dough will help you create a lot of awesomely delicious dishes in minutes. For the dough […]

  • Pumpkin crème-soup with shrimp, cream cheese and basil.

    Pumpkin crème-soup with shrimp, cream cheese and basil.

    It’s autumn and it means that it’s time for a great pumpkin soup with shrimp that I just LOVE cooking. It doesn’t require a lot of effort but it comes out perfectly smooth, bringing in the autumn flavors and colors into your kitchen. I tasted this soup long time ago in Europe, brought it into […]

  • Mom’s potato stuffed with beef

    Mom’s potato stuffed with beef

             This recipe is my Mom’s recipe; she invented it when we lived in Russian Far East. She had that awesome spiral potato cutter, so she was cutting potato and using it in two dishes, spirally cut potatoes from  the middle of potato were fried (Yummm) and the rest of the potato, (it looked like […]